L2 servers on waiting list

Servers in this list are waiting for their turn to be moderated. If they do not comply with our rules, they may be on this list for a long time or will be deleted. The checkout period usually lasts no more than 16 hours. If you intend to purchase a premium, your server will be automatically approved.

GameserverChronicleRatesTypeStart dateID
LINEAGE2-WORLD.RU x5 High Five Java 27.04.2019 2466
TIRAEL.RU x100 Interlude Java 03.05.2019 2470
SCRYDE.RU x??? High Five Java 20.05.2019 2471
CLASSIC-ANTHARAS.COM x20 Classic Java 31.05.2019 2485
RUGAME.PW x1 High Five Java 27.04.2019 2498
PROMO.DINO-WAR.RU x50 Gracia Epilogue Java 23.04.2019 2506
START.ONIGRA.RU x2 c4 Java 26.04.2019 2507
EURO-PVP.COM x100 Interlude Java 17.05.2019 2512
L2MUMIJ.RU x100 Interlude Java 26.04.2019 2543