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Chronicle: Interlude


  • 13 Lineage 2 servers were open on Rampage.pw since 2018.
  • Rampage x100000 server on Interlude chronicle was opened at August 17, 2019.
  • Interlude x10 server on Rampage.pw opened at June 8, 2019.
  • Interlude x100, Interlude x3, Interlude x1200 were also opened on Rampage.pw
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Game serverChronicleRateTypeOpen dateID
RAMPAGE x100000Interludex100000Java17.08.20193070
RAMPAGE x10Interludex10Java08.06.20192743
RAMPAGE x100Interludex100MultiCraft10.05.20192584
RAMPAGE x100000Interludex100000With custom items27.04.20192406
RAMPAGE x3Interludex3PTS05.04.20192276
RAMPAGE x10Interludex10Java05.01.20191659
RAMPAGE x100Interludex100MultiCraft21.12.20181596
RAMPAGE x1200Interludex1200Java12.10.20181395
RAMPAGE x100Interludex100MultiCraft21.09.20181349
RAMPAGE x10Interludex10Java10.08.20181265
RAMPAGE x100000Interludex100000With custom items27.07.20181236
RAMPAGE x1200Interludex1200Java16.07.20181118
RAMPAGE x100000Interludex100000With custom items02.06.2018973
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