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Chronicle: High Five


  • 6 Lineage 2 servers were open on Pvpbattle.ru since 2018.
  • Pvpbattle x100 server on High Five chronicle was opened at June 7, 2019.
  • This is another reopening of High Five x100 on Pvpbattle.ru
  • High Five x300, High Five x1000 were also opened on Pvpbattle.ru
3.06 5 16
Game serverChronicleRateTypeOpen dateID
PVPBATTLE x100High Fivex100Java07.06.20192747
PVPBATTLE x100High Fivex100Java24.05.20192715
PVPBATTLE x300High Fivex300Java11.05.20192569
PVPBATTLE x1000High Fivex1000Java12.04.20192245
PVPBATTLE x300High Fivex300Java22.12.20181579
PVPBATTLE x1000High Fivex1000Java20.10.20181402
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