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Chronicle: Interlude
  • 15 Lineage 2 servers were open on since 2018.
  • Lineagetwo x10 server on Interlude chronicle was opened at June 10, 2019.
  • This is another reopening of Interlude x10 on
  • Interlude x5, Interlude x20, Interlude x8, Interlude x25 were also opened on
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Game serverChronicleRateTypeOpen dateID
LINEAGETWO x10Interludex10Java10.06.20192814
LINEAGETWO x10Interludex10Java06.05.20192622
LINEAGETWO x5Interludex5Java15.04.20192445
LINEAGETWO x10Interludex10Java01.04.20192371
LINEAGETWO x10Interludex10Java22.12.20181598
LINEAGETWO x20Interludex20Java04.12.20181549
LINEAGETWO x10Interludex10Java15.10.20181431
LINEAGETWO x8Interludex8Java26.09.20181362
LINEAGETWO x10Interludex10Java10.09.20181332
LINEAGETWO x5Interludex5Java28.08.20181314
LINEAGETWO x10Interludex10Java13.08.20181279
LINEAGETWO x5Interludex5Java27.07.20181235
LINEAGETWO x10Interludex10Java07.07.20181184
LINEAGETWO x25Interludex25Java16.06.2018986
LINEAGETWO x10Interludex10Java27.05.20181067
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